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Run My Ass Off – Day 3

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Running is the great equalizer.

There is a grueling race here in colorado. It is a 100 mile race up in LeadVille. It is 100 miles, you have to finish in less than 24 hours, and the total elevation change is close to 30,000 ft. So it is like running 100 miles and climbing Mt. Everest at the same time.

Perhaps the most amazing statistic is that of the starters, 90% of the women finish, and only 50% of the men finish. The course records for men and women are about 2 hours apart. Ann Trason finished the race in 18:06:24 back in 1994 and if my memory serves she finished 3rd or 4th overall that year, meaning that only 3 men were in front of her.

Running is the one sport where the divide between men and women is not so great. There is a book called Born To Run that posits that, well, we were born to run. Running for our ancestors was a primary form of travel. It got them from place to place quicker, and it got them out of trouble. Most animals can run faster than humans but only a few can run as far as humans.

Another big 100 mile race is called Western States. It started as a horse race. One of the entrants, Gordy Ainsleigh, had his horse come up lame on mile 29. The next year Gordy lined up with the horses and finished the race on foot.

Yeah, Yeah, Get to the point, I have to go to work.

Running will be a good way to inspire my daughter and show her that there is nothing a man can do that she can’t do. I hope running will give her confidence. I hope it will become a special thing that we can do together.

I will not force her, or push her into it. She need to choose it as a sport/hobby of her own accord.

I completed Day 3. So that is week one down and forever to go. 🙂

Today I went for a little longer. My total time was 30 minutes but of that 30 minutes I only jogged for 4 minutes. And the 4 jogging minutes were not consecutive I took a few minutes between each. I feel really great. More energy already.




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