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Run My Ass Off – Day 2

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man running near cliffNutrition doesn’t matter.

I think this is a great idea. Blogging about your workout journey helps you keep yourself accountable. I don’t have a big readership at the moment. It is mostly just my wife…and, yeah, just my wife. But still, knowing that I put it out there on the internet that I was going to do this is really great motivation to get up and get out.

I alluded to the fact yesterday that this post was going to be about, “Nutrition Doesn’t Matter”. Before the nutritionists of the world start sending me hate mail allow me to explain.

What I am doing here is beginning a new habit. Even though I was an avid runner in the past, see here, I am essentially starting anew. I have seen a lot of men fail because they bite off more than they can chew, (no pun intended). The try and go from couch potato to fitness guru overnight. I like to take things in phases.

If you say, “Ok, starting tomorrow, I will eat healthy, get 12 hours of sleep, and workout 5 days a week”, you will quickly get overwhelmed. I just started running again. Right now I am not focusing on my nutrition. I will keep eating the same garbage I have been eating for the last 2 years. I want to expend most of my energy renewing my habit of running. Once I have been able to run for 2 months consistently without injury, I will consider the habit established and I will then start tackling other aspects like sleep and nutrition.

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Here is what I did today

I went a little off script today. I was supposed to walk for 9 minutes, run for 1 minute times two. I actually walked for 9 minutes, ran for 1 minute, walked for 4 minutes, realized I was running out of time so I ran for two minutes back to the house to get ready for work.

How did it feel?

I felt really good, I took my dog Arya with me, Kong is just too big and too old to run with. The last minute of running was slightly uphill. I felt strong.


I messed up and ran out of time. I need to get up earlier. I am going to start getting up 30 minutes earlier at 6:30.

Thanks for reading. I am running 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will have a post out either the day of or the day after. Stay tuned for Day 3!



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