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I have been lying to you

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Pinocchio DollI am a fraud

I have been trying to make this blog as serious as possible. I have been holding my tongue, and keeping the jokes and sarcasm to a minimum. That’s not who I am. I am funny¬†fucking hilarious.

I have been writing this blog for about 4 days now and it has seemed like a chore. I like to write and it has never been this dull or draining. Time to do like Emeril and “BAM!”, kick it up a notch.

Pursuit of happinessPursuit of Happiness

I am foolishly trying to be successful with this blog and as a consequence of that, I have been dull. No wonder no one reads this, (except my wife.)

There is supposedly a formula that you must follow when writing a blog and I was following it to perfection. The problem is that I have been writing to a computer, an algorithm. I need to just throw out all of the “standard practices” and write what I know.

DeloreanWho’s that guy? That’s Marty McFly!

People love me because I make them laugh. I’m not the handsome guy, or the ripped abs guy, I am the funny guy. I need to be true to myself and write about raising my daughter in a fun way.

This is the last boring post you will have to read. From now on I will write whatever comes to mind. Those that know me just groaned internally. My mind is a wonderful and frightening place.

A parting task

This is something I have always wanted to do and now you guys can join me. Men get a bad rap. Most people I think are surprized to see a man out alone with his daughter. I think people usually assume it is his weekly visit or something.

People see a man out with his son and it’s, “Boys Night Out”, the boysSophia in a shopping cart are just, “Hanging out”, doing guy stuff. But when a man is out with his daughter we think oh man that poor guy. His wife made him bring his daughter with him.

I love going out with my daughter. I told my wife I was taking her to the store with me one time. Not because I had to, but because I wanted to. My wife got a bit miffed, “So what? I’m supposed to just stay home?” Ladies, if your husband/boyfriend wants to take your daughter somewhere it isn’t a slight.

Men need to be out alone with their daughters. We need time alone with them to show them that we can take care of them and keep them safe on our own. When I’m out with my daughter alone, I make a fool of myself. I push the cart and then jump on the back. I take corners too fast.

The task is this; next time you see a man out with his daughter go over and tell him that he is a good father. Offer him encouragement. I don’t mean in a patronizing way just say something like, “it is so cool that you are out with your daughter, we need more men like you”.

It will probably make him smile and his daughter will think it is neat that people admire her daddy. Lets begin a movement of recognizing the good fathers instead of just bashing the bad ones  with a little help and encouragement maybe we can even make the bad ones better