sophiaingreekThe name of this site has a double meaning. Sophia, (Σοφια), means “wisdom” in Greek. So this site is about a father raising his daughter and also about raising wisdom. My goal is that no one will leave this site without learning something.

Though this site is primarily about fathers and daughters we welcome everyone. Most of the lessons will apply to any situation. Welcome, enjoy, and contribute. I hope you will be active in the comments and forum.

What is this site all about, a.k.a., Why should you care?

The purpose of this site is to help parents, mainly fathers. Most men don’t know where to begin when it comes to raising a daughter. I want to let fathers know that it is ok to dress up. It is ok to have tea parties. You will look like a fool most of the time, and your voice will ascend to an alto register without you even being aware.

Trust me on this, if you are in public with your daughter and you are making high pitched noises, no one will think you are not a man, macho, puro hombre. You are responsible from a young age for the attitude your daughter has towards men. She will subconsciously seek out a mate with similar qualities when she is older. That is why it is important to always treat your daughter the way you would want her husband to treat her.

Be a gentleman, be kind, open doors for her, tell her you love her, tell her she is smart, tell her she is beautiful. You are her first experience with men you need to make sure you make the most of every moment. Making an ass of yourself now will really pay off in the future. Let her see you cry on occasion, let her know that men have feelings.

I have seen the biggest burliest bikers turn to mush when I am out with my daughter. They smile at her, wave like a sissy, make funny faces. It is magical. If a total stranger would exhibit that behavior to your daughter then so should you.

If you are a father of a little girl you have the most important job ahead of you. You need to make sure that you do everything possible to show your daughter that men are WAY BETTER THAN WOMEN!  Just kidding, we will try and keep a light atmosphere here, and we will laugh more then we cry, I promise.

Who is the author?

2014-09-07 09.39.11 (2015_08_07 01_46_21 UTC)My name is Tim. I am a software developer from Denver, Colorado, USA. I hold the honor of being one of the chubbiest half-marathoners at the 2014 Denver Trails 10k and Half-Marathon. I used to run about 70 miles a week, and was in top physical condition. Now, I don’t run as much but I still know a lot about the sport and enjoy talking about it. I plan on getting back to it eventually, but life is pretty crazy right now. Some would say it is crazy because I stopped running. 😉

Most men want a son. Even though they say that having a daughter is, “ok”, I think most men would rather have a son. I am not most men. I wanted a daughter. From the time that my wife and I decided to have a baby at the advanced ages of 39 and 37, we both wanted a girl. There is something magical about a healthy relationship between a man and his daughter. It allows him to be a man, and yet display his sensitive side.

Ahem! I mean, I’m no softy. But that is the problem with how I believe men go wrong when they interact with their daughters. They are afraid to show emotion, they are afraid to make a fool of themselves. Just because you show emotion every now and again doesn’t mean you a blubbering idiot. It means you are human. I remember it was just before Sophia was born and this commercial came on TV for Extra Gum.

The dad would give his daughter a piece of gum and then make an Origami swan out of the wrapper. Several years later the daughter is going off to college an the dad is helping her load her car. A box falls out and it is full of hundreds of Origami swans. That commercial killed me, every time.

I discovered something through my life experiences…a secret if you will. We all, as humans, think we are different. Not so much. What I mean is that you think that you are the only father who’s voice goes up several octaves when you are around your daughter but we all do it.

Trust me. I have seen some of the Biggest, Baddest, Burliest, Bikers, laugh, smile, wave like a sissy, and make faces at my daughter when I am out with her.

Well, there will be more about me later on. I have had an “interesting” life, meaning that if you look in the Encyclopedia for; “Things you should never do in life”, it would basically be me and all of my glorious fallacies. I feel I am qualified to write this blog because I have made almost every possible mistake, like seriously, even mistakes you would think are impossible to commit at the same time, I’ve done them.

I will be revealing my myriad errors one at a time over several months and years. That’s part of what will keep you coming back. Don’t worry there is plenty to sustain this blog until Sophia graduates college. On to the star of the show!

Who is Sophia?

Sophia is a goofy child. She has been one of those perfect babies that other parents HATE to hear about. She is calm, quiet, she sleeps 10 – 12 hours a night, every night. She isn’t really fussy. Her daycare teachers have said that she is bright, outgoing, but still perfectly content sitting on her own and playing quietly. You get a good sense of her personality in the video above. That is her 99% of the time and it drives other parents CrAzY. I don’t want to get into too much detail about her here because I don’t want to ruin the storyline for the rest of the blog. Please keep coming back so we can mutually benefit each other and share the Wisdom.

Thanks for joining us on this journey!